Around here

Around here


By the time I thought about going for a walk yesterday afternoon, it was already 4.30pm and the moon was up!  Oh my, doesn’t that hour’s time change make a difference?


So I didn’t hang around too long this morning, but put my coat on and grabbed my camera as soon as I’d finished my porridge.  The light was especially pretty I thought.


I noticed a few extraordinary things as I went.  Just down the lane, I came across a little corner of treasures.  I wondered whose collection it is and how long it’s been there – I’ve not noticed it before.


I was impressed by the sticking quality of this pair of hollyhocks., just opposite.  We had the first proper frost this morning and yet they were still standing tall and looking great.


Just as I was wondering whether to take one of the many short cuts, my eye fell on something familiar.


Someone else has batik-patterned cotinus leaves!  Lesley, I hope your diagnosis of some disease or other isn’t so: at least I’m not the only one to notice and appreciate it.


Anyway, I decided to continue on the lane, which at this point is not much wider or more accessible than the bridle path!


I was rewarded with a seasonal view at the top of the hill and a short downhill walk to our garden gate.


As I opened it, I noticed the abundance of sycamore seeds hanging on the tree by the gate.  No wonder we are always pulling up rogue sycamore seedlings!


Our pond is a sorry sight right now, as we continue to try to work out where it’s leaking.  Hopefully though, the cold weather – and ice – will deal with some of the blanket weed that’s accumulated more successfully than we do.


It’s strange to see ice on the pond and the last of the roses still blooming alongside.


Looks like I might have reached home just in time too?

The time of the year

The time of the year

Leaf Peeping

Leaf Peeping