Around here

Around here


There’s a distinct chill in the air and the season has changed.  I wandered out into the garden this morning in the hope of finding some indicators of the season, but it’s still green and leafy for now.


A few more cold nights and I think we’re going to see some rapid changes on our outlook, however.


We’ve had such a fun weekend; filled with good company and thought provoking and entertaining events, we enjoyed the sunny, sparky Cheltenham Literature Festival atmosphere over a couple of days.  We heard politicians, pundits and the writers themselves and each one of us now finds ourselves with a longer list of books to read than ever.


The logistics are never easy.  We always begin with a wishlist, as soon as the programme is announced and juggle the numerous events to accommodate preferences and time slots.  I sit by my computer on the day the tickets go on sale and do what I can to secure our first choices, though undoubtedly, adjustments have to be made.  This year, we did pretty well and found ourselves with a pretty full schedule for two days.

As if that wasn’t enough, we took in an opera at the cinema for good measure!

Tristan and Isolde was an interesting start to the season, though, with mixed reviews all round.  I maintain that it’s worth hanging in there with Wagner, nevertheless, for that magical moment which only works after several hours’ investment!

(I’m not sure that everyone agreed with me)


This morning, my Hero and I find ourselves in a quiet house.  Everyone’s gone home, the dust has settled and we are slowly getting back into our routine. 

There’s a definite “after the ball is over” feeling around here!

Two worlds

Two worlds

Russia, the first time

Russia, the first time