Around here

Around here


We’ve had a small disaster.


A little sad, but hopefully, something which can be repaired.  Our own fault really, for not heeding warnings of the effects of low temperatures on such things.


We hope those are coming to an end now, and the appearance of my little Navarre daffodil is a good sign.  I treasure this little one and am thrilled to see three buds this year, though it’ll take a while until it is as settled as in its original home I think.


The outlook is still rather wintry here though and we are curious to know what the landowners across there have planned.  New fence?  Driveway?  We’ll see!


Tulip update: yesterday they were looking great.  This morning they were in pieces on the counter. Now they’re on the compost heap!


Christopher is feeling quite at home now and is happy to take a break from his hotel duties for a while.

Winking smile

And if I say I made a raspberry pavlova for lunch yesterday, some of you will know what that means

The start of another fun packed week, then!

A beautiful day to be out and about

A beautiful day to be out and about

Three cameras

Three cameras