November.  Really?

November. Really?


The clear blue sky and mild temperatures today would contradict the calendar this morning.  Can it really be November?  We have lit our stove just twice so far and really, have not been cold at all.



A week or so ago, I came across this.   Mira Jurecka shared her ideas for a small book celebrating Autumn and looking out of the window at the gorgeousness that was outside, I just had to take my camera into the garden and capture the magic.  Because, in the wonderful way the Germans have of saying it how it is,

Es herbstet sehr…


The kitchen window overlooks this little burst of colour and I’ll admit to not having taken a great deal of notice of it lately, because I’ve been terrorised by an over-friendly robin.  He seems to have moved on now, so perhaps I’m safe to venture out into that corner? 


A recent shower of rain had left everything slightly drippy.  I think that just adds to the joy and began to click away, forgetting some of the tips and ideas that Mira had shared in her blog post.


I was immediately into my “usual mode”, I knew where to look for bright colours and interesting shapes.


I knew to head for the summer house and the little maple tree nearby, which has outdone itself this year in terms of colour.


I was distracted by the pattern and colour from these self seeded things – I don’t know what they are but I’ll bet Stasher does!


A rose in November.  Of course I had to take a photograph of it.


Actually, it was one of many, so I took several.


There are still a few hypericum flowers too so I took a couple of photographs of the raindrops on those.


But then, I remembered Mira’s suggestions for “different” photographs.  I didn’t have company in the garden, so there was no chance of taking their picture and it was too wet to sit down and set the autotimer.

But I could do this…


I could put my camera on the wall of the raised bed and press the button to see what happens.

Not bad!


I moved to a different spot and tried again.  Interesting!  I love the light at this level and the autofocus makes it very simple to do.  I took a few more shots.


You know, I think I’ve found my new favourite angle. 


I haven’t made these photographs into a mini-book or done anything else with them.  But I’m delighted to have spend half an hour with my camera, enjoying the fresh air and getting some new ideas for capturing the moment.  Thanks Mira!

In the pink

In the pink

Meanwhile, back in Gloucestershire

Meanwhile, back in Gloucestershire