We’re back in the routine here, gradually sorting stuff out and getting back to normal. I still haven’t done anything with the wool I bought in Laramie, though. I think I already referred to Cowgirl Yarn, but perhaps I didn’t explain how to find it? broom.energetic.slap should get you there.


We’d had an easy drive that day, stopping in Cheyenne at the Wyoming State Capitol result.bother.ashes and then joining the freeway at the junction where we could see the Abraham Lincoln Memorial , something we’d missed on our previous run through this area.


Our room at the Hampton Inn, Laramie, that night was a nice one and we had space to spread out and watch the TV comfortably, with none of us needing to sit on the bed. It was easy to find, too, just past the University on Grand Avenue: estate.successes.dome

Before you think I’ve totally lost the plot, or that gremlins have taken over my blog and added a few random words here and there, I’ll get to the point. Cut to the chase.


I came across this last year some time, quite by accident when I was looking for something else. As soon as I read about it I was fascinated. Both my hero and I love maps of all kinds and this seemed like quite a fun idea. We both signed up for it, dl’ed the apps to our phones, giggled about our own home address and totally forgot about it for a few months.


In the intervening time, it’s been gathering momentum, appearing on news sites and popping up here and there on friends’ FB pages. What seemed at first to be a fun idea now seems pretty serious and a really great concept.


We tried it in the USA and chatted with our friends about it, trying it out with great success. If you’d like to have lunch at the Paradise Pantry (and I hope you do - it’s great!) then you can simply input parts.headband.remarried into the app or website and you’ll know immediately where to find it. There’s none of that “next door to that brick building that used to be a grocers”, or “it’s opposite the charity shop - but I’m not sure which one”. Those three words will take you right there.


In fact, those three words ( parts.headband.remarried) will actually take you to the very table where we sat, so accurate is it. For the front door, probably motorcar.turkeys.sudden would be more accurate.

Isn’t it amazing?

I’ll leave you to have a play and explore it a bit. I need to prepare for tomorrow, when I’ll be in the middle of a field at deeply.chucks.crank Just why any combination of three random words is so amusing, I have no idea, but doesn’t it help when it comes to remembering them?!



Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...