Where were we?

Where were we?


We’d left the bundle of string hanging from a beam in the garden room and went out for a fun day with friends, to Whichford Pottery’s Summer Sale (favourite place, lovely pots but way too many people on this occasion!)


One pot in particular reminded me that I hadn’t had the results from my recent mammogram yet…


No worries, the envelope containing the virtual sigh of relief was there on the doormat when we arrived home today.


A lovely day then, going via Daylesford to the Wild Rabbit for lunch before going home at peak Friday afternoon Cotswold traffic jam time. One of the joys of living in a beautiful part of the world, I guess.


This afternoon, it was back to the knotting and a few simple half knots to extend the opening for my spider plant to breathe.


In no time at all, I’d repotted the plant, found a larger cache-pot for it to sit in and was ready to try it for size.

It fitted beautifully. Phew.


My hero fixed a hook into the beam and the spider plant was installed in its new home, on the understanding that it will have to vacate the spot come December, because that is “Christmas Tree Corner”. It’s not quite finished yet - I need to decide how to finish the tassel and whether or not to make a large decorative knot underneath or simply whip the bundle of string together as the tassel head.


And what of the spot it just left empty, on the side table? Well, in the move, sadly a couple of the offspring fell victim of the squeeze. But what better use of a vacant pot than for the next generation to take root?

This and that

This and that

Easy peasy?

Easy peasy?