Straight line sewing

Straight line sewing

There are times when it’s really satisfying to work through a complex set of instructions and create something remarkable.  Making that bag recently was satisfying in spite – or because - of the frustrations and I’ll always want to have a go at a tricky project like that now and again.  But there are other times when I just want to sew straight lines.


For a while, a Moda Jelly Roll has been sitting on my shelf, bought for half price in some sale or other without any intention or purpose.  Strangely, though it’s called “A Breath of Avignon” and designed by American Jane, the label on the back says “Made in Japan” and it has a Japanese reference number attached.  Anyway, it’s a collection of those Provencal style fabrics which speak sunshine to me and I looked forward to using it, when I found a pattern, that is.

And then I came across this.


So first I sewed the strips of fabric into groups of four and pressed the seams flat.


I cut the 8” squares across the strips.


I sorted them into twenty random pairs and placed them right sides together.


I turned them at right angles to one another and sewed around the edges as shown on that website.


Then lined it all up using the 45 degree angle on my ruler and cut diagonally across the square.


I did the same along the other diagonal.


Then, pressed open all four squares.  I’ll now go away and do the same thing for all twenty squares and look forward to playing about with the eighty quilt blocks I’ll need to arrange in some kind of order.

I might be some time.

From our turret

From our turret

Small rant warning

Small rant warning