Ready to go again?

Ready to go again?

We’re in Harajuku, remember?  Sitting in a Starbucks drinking a Sakura Frappucino.  However, I think we’d better get going because we have a couple of places still to go before meeting the boys.


Turning the corner at the top of the street, it’s suddenly changed from shops like Claires to “real” fashion stores, like Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren.  Omotesando is the “Bond Street” of this part of Tokyo, I’ve heard, though I don’t think that’s quite accurate looking around today.  Still, we’ll carry on and find our way to Cat Street, where our next call will be.


Kiddyland is full of young women and girls and is mostly aimed ay anything but kiddies.  Every character you can think of and many more are here on the shelves in every format you desire – furry, sticker, stationery, bags, toys...

I was in search of a Harajuku Hello Kitty but once there, I was distracted by other interesting variations, including this little one dressed up in her “cos


I quite liked the Miffy in disguise, too.


And look, there’s the Ghibli Cat Bus!  Totoro’s there too.


All done here, Harajuku Hello Kitty purchased, we’ll head on up Cat Street towards Shibuya.  Mark just texted me to say they’re nearly there.


We’ll pass this curious paper shop full of free leaflets and handouts.  I’m sure I’ve been in something similar somewhere else but can’t think of where.  Perhaps one of you will know?

Feet aching and feeling very weary, how pleased I am to see Hachiko


We are meeting up in the traditional place outside Shibuya Station.  The boys are tired and hungry and want to go and eat sooner rather than later.  What do you fancy tonight – noodles or sushi?

Noodles it is then.


Edward assures us that his fishy dish is delicious whilst we joke that the cook left his dishcloth in the bowl.  Over dinner we share stories from the day – they’ve had a great time, too.


I think it’s time for home now, don’t you?  Let’s cram onto this train with more people than we can imagine, then stop at the next stop and pile still more on board from the other side.

Can you see the young man doing his homework in spite of all of that?

(sorry, sumimasen, I think I stepped on your toe there)


It’s only a short walk back to the hotel from here but yes, I’m sure it’s further than it was this morning, too.


Our reward will be a bonus KitKat of the day.  This time, it’s purple sweet potato flavour and indeed, it does taste peculiarly of potato.

And yes, it is.


KitKat of the day

KitKat of the day

Take a walk with me in Tokyo

Take a walk with me in Tokyo